Snipes Funkin Stylez – official recap



Snipes Funkin‘ Stylez World Final 10th anniversary
21st & 22nd of November 2014.

Funkin’ Stylez is the first urban dance battle event that brings together different dance styles. Founded in 2004, Funkin‘ Stylez grow quickly to one of the biggest urban dance events in Germany. 2014 Funkin‘ Stylez celebrated its 10th anniversary!

The battle concept of 5 vs. 5 in a mixstyle team battle is a concept which was brought to live by Funkin’ Stylez. This idea got so popular, that many other events are using the concept as well.
In 2008 Funkin’ Stylez was also one of the first Hip Hop battle events that introduced the dance style Voguing to Germany and Europe.
Since 2010 international qualifications are carried out in different categories. The Funkin‘ Stylez event is made up of „Funkin’ Stylez Qualifier Tour“, „Funkin’ Stylez Only the strong“ and „Funkin’ Stylez World Team Battle“.
In 2012 the new category „Funkin’ Stylez Herokidz“ – a junior battle for dancers under 16 years was introduced.



Customer: Flying Steps, SNIPES
Edited by Steve Won
Camera by Steve Won & Leonard Caspari (
Motion Graphics by Joey S. Geier
Photo Footage of Thumbnail by LIL SHAO (

Music by The Geek x Vrv – Flume – Holdin On (remix)
The Geek x Vrv (
Flume (

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